LED light tower for construction in America


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Top 10 LED light tower for construction in America

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LED light towers are an essential part of any construction project, providing a safe and efficient source of illumination for working conditions. In the US, there is a wide range of LED light tower products available to suit different requirements. We have compiled a list of the top 10 LED lights for construction in America.

These brands are chosen for their steel mast quality, reliability, and safety features. Each product has been chosen with the construction industry in mind, providing a reliable source of illumination for any project. Let’s take a look at the top 10 LED light towers for construction in America.

Generac Mobile


Generac Mobile is a trusted market leader for LED light tower lights in the US. Their products are reliable and efficient, providing a powerful source of illumination for any application. Generac mobile includes single-head and multi-head towers, with adjustable lighting angles to ensure optimal coverage. All their led lamps meet UL and ETL safety standards.

The company is headquartered in North America and offers a comprehensive warranty package for all its products. If you are looking for a reliable and efficient light tower for construction, Generac Mobile is a great choice.

The Generac Mobile’s MLT6SMD LED Mobile Light Tower is the perfect choice for any construction project, providing 6-head LED lighting with adjustable angles. Its smart design ensures a wide coverage area, giving you maximum illumination in any space.

Wacker Neuson

wacker neuson

Based in Germany, Wacker Neuson has been providing top-notch LED lighting solutions to the construction industry for decades. Their products are designed with safety and efficiency in mind, meeting all relevant international standards.

Wacker Neuson light towers are powerful, high-quality led lighting solutions that are designed to illuminate large outdoor spaces with ease. These lights feature a unique design that allows them to provide adequate lighting coverage, making them perfect for outdoor events, construction sites, and other large outdoor spaces that require powerful and reliable lighting.

What sets Wacker Neuson balloon lights apart from other lighting solutions is their advanced LED technology, which provides bright, efficient lighting that is both cost-effective and environmentally friendly. These lights are also incredibly easy to set up and operate, with simple controls using a remote control that allows users to adjust the brightness and direction of the light with ease.

Wacker Neuson balloon lights are a smart investment for anyone who needs reliable and efficient lighting for their outdoor space. With their durable construction, advanced technology, and user-friendly design, they are sure to provide years of dependable service and help you get the job done right.

Doosan Portable Power

doosan portable power

The Doosan portable power was founded in 1886 and is one of the oldest companies in America. They have a wide range of LED light towers for construction, with models suitable for all industries including parking lots. The company’s light towers are designed for maximum efficiency, providing reliable and economical lighting solutions.

Doosan’s LED light towers come in a variety of sizes and configurations, making them perfect for any construction project. They are designed to meet the highest safety standards, with adjustable lighting angles and multiple power settings, making them suitable for any environment.

The Doosan Portable Power’s L20 Light Tower is their flagship product. This light tower provides bright and efficient LED lighting for large construction sites, with a maximum output of 20,000 lumens. It is easy to set up and operate, with a simple user interface that allows users to adjust the brightness and direction of the light with ease.

Doosan also provides a comprehensive warranty package on all its light towers, ensuring that they are reliable and durable products. If you are looking for an efficient and reliable light tower solution, Doosan portable power can serve you right.

Larson Electronics

Another great choice for LED light towers in America is Larson Electronics. This company has been in business since 1973, providing reliable and efficient lighting solutions to the construction industry. One of their most outstanding models is the WAL-ML-2XM 100 LED light tower, which offers powerful and efficient lighting with a maximum output of 70,000 lumens.

The WAL-ML-2XM is designed to be durable, offering an IP66 waterproof rating and a generous 5-year warranty. It also features adjustable lighting angles, allowing you to customize the coverage area and light intensity to meet your needs.

Larson Electronics also offers a wide range of LED lighting solutions for construction, including high bay lights, floodlights, and canopy lights. Their products are designed to be reliable and cost-effective, providing years of dependable service.


allmand work zone balloon light plant

Allmand is a well-known provider of portable lighting systems for construction, mining, and industrial applications. They offer a range of products including light towers, portable work lights, and light carts. The Night-Lite™ Pro II® LD-Series™ is a powerful LED temporary lighting system that ensures you are able to work safely and effectively at night.

This system can be powered by either a PTO (power take-off) or an engine, thereby allowing the user to switch between the two. The system can be used outdoors, providing up to 215 hours of continuous lighting for a single tank of fuel. It is also equipped with an onboard generator allowing high performance without an external power source by maintaining full fuel tank capacity when kicking on your project.



Terex is known for its reliable and durable construction equipment, and its LED light towers are no exception. The Terex RL4 is a powerful yet energy-efficient lighting system, perfect for a large job site. It is designed to provide illumination up to 50 feet in height and features an adjustable lighting angle of up to 180 degrees.

The Terex RL4 also features a convenient control panel with straightforward controls and strong metal halide allowing you to adjust the brightness and direction of light. In addition, the light is designed to be durable and reliable in any environment. This light tower is perfect for any demanding construction job.

Atlas Copco

Atlas Copco is a leading manufacturer of portable light towers, providing reliable and energy-efficient solutions for construction sites. Their flagship product is the HiLight B5+ Light Tower, which features a maximum output of 52,000 lumens.

The company also offers other models, such as the LED light tower HiLight H6+ and LED light tower HiLight B6+ with SmartMast™, which are designed to provide optimal illumination in any environment. All of their light towers are designed to be durable and reliable, with a generous warranty package included.



JCB is a well-known provider of construction equipment, including LED light towers. The company is known for its innovative and reliable products, such as the LT9 LED. This unit is designed to provide powerful illumination up to 50 feet in height and features an adjustable lighting angle of up to 180 degrees.

The JCB LT9 lighting towers are small and easy to move but still deliver good performance and flexibility.

LT9 portable lighting tower range is top-of-the-line, providing you with exceptional flexibility and easy movement thanks to the telescopic vertical mast. You’ll appreciate the premium components, with a 3-cylinder Yanmar water-cooled engine that ensures low noise levels and a long running time.

The LT9 LED tower doesn’t need warm-up time, providing instant light for rapid and effortless deployment. It has 6 x 240W LED bulbs, which generate an output of 180,000 lumens. Moreover, it requires up to 50% less fuel because of the LED bulbs and also supplies 5kW of auxiliary power even when the lights are turned on.

Chicago Pneumatic

Another provider of construction lighting solutions is Chicago Pneumatic. Their CPLT V5+ LED Light Tower provides reliable and energy-efficient illumination, with a maximum output of up to 120,000 lumens.

This light tower is designed for various applications and features an adjustable lighting angle and a three-axis lighting mast, allowing for efficient and precise illumination. The CPLT V5+ also features an onboard generator, allowing you to use the light without an external power source.

The CPLT V5+ LED Light Tower from Chicago Pneumatic combines the robust design with high-intensity light output, perfect for construction site applications.



Pramac is a trusted provider of construction equipment, specializing in LED Light Towers. The P9000 Light Tower is created to provide bright illumination for construction sites with efficiency and versatility in mind. Some of the powerful features of this light tower are an adjustable lighting angle of up to 180 degrees, a maximum output of 50,000 lumens, and a 5kW Auxiliary Power Output for powering tools.

The P9000 LED Light Tower can be used for short- and long-term projects. It is designed to be energy efficient and reliable, providing an excellent lighting solution for construction sites. What’s more, the P9000 Light Tower is easy to operate and maintain, making it a great choice for construction sites.


LED light tower for construction in America

The choice of LED light towers for use in construction sites is vast, with many providers offering high-quality products. All of these options provide bright and reliable lighting, perfect for any construction site application. Companies such as HiLight, JCB, Chicago Pumatic, and Pramac all offer reliable LED towers with powerful illumination that you can trust. So, whether you’re looking for powerful illumination or an energy-efficient solution, there is a light tower that will meet your needs.

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LED light tower for construction in America
LED light tower for construction in America

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