Air Series

LED Balloon Light Tower

On the Safety market, our lighting balloons have the highest light output, the lowest power consumption, are the most competitive and the lightest.

Whether it’s nighttime roadway construction or emergency response scenes on highways, we provide a lighting solution that enables crews to work efficiently in a safe environment. With many sizes and powers available, lighting balloons are the safest mobile lighting solution for all work zone applications.

Our AIR Series LED Balloon Light can be used to light up film sets, provide even lighting for studio photography and interior construction, and general portable lighting for outdoor activities like camping, sporting events and parties.

Extraordinary Technical Design

Main Features of Our Balloon Light Tower

Our balloon light towers are manufactured with the best components and technical solutions, it is synonymous with durability, elaborate design and advanced craftsmanship.  

Superior lighting properties

The unique design of our LED Balloon Lights provide 360-degree, glare-free illumination, the color consistency is near perfect, with better color rendering!

Glare-Free Lighting

Our balloon lights cast natural, bright, daylight-quality light in a perfect 360-degree circle, without glare and dark spots.

Three stage dimming control

The dimming control allows changing the light output. Select appropriate brightness depending on applications.

Up to 50,000 hours of service life

The led light system is made of specially designed molding parts, and has been tried and tested globally under the harshest of conditions and performed flawlessly.

Portable design

Our light kits are designed to go where your adventures lead, and are quick and easy to set-up/break down to carry and transport.

IP65 Moisture-proof & waterproof grade

We are the only light tower manufacturer in the world with an IP65 rating for dust and moisture resistance

Works Anywhere And Everywhere

LED Balloon Light Tower In Action

From large mobile light towers to smaller portable light systems, we have the perfect lighting for construction sites, law enforcement support, emergency lighting, road construction, Parties, special events, and more.

We Supply Top-quality Balloon Light Tower at Factory Direct Pricing

As the worldwide leading manufacturer of LED balloon lighting tower, we’re dedicate to developing and designing safer, more reliable, innovative and cost-effective glare-free lighting solutions for road construction lighting, scene lighting, fire rescue lighting and event lighting.

Product Details

Technical Specification

Model :
Air 400W
Air 600W
Voltage :
AC 90-270 V
Frequency :
50/60 Hz
Lamp Type :
W*(Lamp Qty) :
400W * 1
600W * 1
Lumen :
5200 lm
7800 lm
Protection Grade :
IP 65
Lamp Lifespan :
50,000 hrs
Color Temperature :
5000 K and Customize-able
Inflated Dimension :
650*400 mm
870*540 mm
Packing Size :
Mast Material :
Aluminum Alloy and Stainless Steel
Max. Height :
3.0 m
3.8 m
Min. Height :​
1.28 m
1.63 m
Packing Height :​
1.41 m
1.82 m
Mast's Weight :
10.2 kg
12.1 kg

Optional Accessories

The shape and dimension of our diffusers can be customized, as can the color and structure of our trolleys and tripods.

Telescoping Tripod Stand
Portable Case with wheels
Mobile Cart/Trolley
Power Supply Device

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