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Top 10 Balloon Light Tower Brands In The World

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The use of balloon light towers across various industries cannot be underestimated. The use has been growing over time and this has also led to the emergence of many different balloon light tower manufacturing companies all over the world.

Today, we are going to dig deeper in a bid to understand these companies and their strengths. Hopefully, this valuable information will help you make a very informed decision to make sure you get the best when purchasing your balloon light tower.

Despite the light tower being the most common source of light, it also caused other problems and there was a need for suitable solutions to this by inventing balloon light. The sharp lighting was not good for the eye and would never be good, especially for nighttime construction and film and video recording. There is a tendency for the light tower not to provide uniformity of light and this became the main issue that was perfectly addressed by diffused balloon light.

 However, the light tower still has its line of benefits and in our blog today, you are going to know when to expect better-diffused light. You will be in a position to decide which one between the balloon tower and the light tower you should consider to get better-diffused light.


Moonlightia is the best balloon light tower manufacturer in the world. This is evidenced by the high-quality Moonlightia balloon light tower they have been exporting to different countries all over the world. The company has built its growing reputation on four key principles:

  • Quality
  • Durability
  • Safety
  • Affordability

With these four principles, Moonlightia has been able to come up with a balloon light tower brand that many manufacturers are still trying to outdo unsuccessfully. To achieve this, Moonlightia has invested a lot in research and development. With more than ten years of experience, I can guarantee you that Moonlightia Light Tower Brand is one that can never disappoint you.

Monlightia has a lot of experience in the production of OEM and ODM for many clients all over the world. They have helped many start-up lighting companies to grow into competitive brands in their unique markets.

Another interesting fact about Moonlightia is its warranty period. Their warranty terms are unbeatable. The company offers a 5-year warranty for all their products something that I have not seen in many companies. Moonlightia also has a dedicated team that offers all their customers a lifetime after-sales service.

These two aspects give any buyer a piece of mind. Knowing that whatever you are buying is well secured is not something to take for granted. Without these two, you run the risk of losing money on faulty products.


Powermoon enterprises limited is a global manufacturer of led lighting balloons including the balloon light tower. The company boasts more than 10 years of experience in manufacturing lighting products for scene lighting, event lighting, fire rescue lighting, and road construction lighting.

Powermoon has developed its products based on:

  • Craftsmanship
  • Durability
  • Reliability
  • Precision

The company also exports to various countries across the world. If you need to work with Powermoon enterprises limited, you visit their website and contact them directly via email or phone.

Airstar Light

customer visit
customer visit

Airstar Light is FR based company that specializes in the manufacturing of inflatable lighting solutions. The company manufactures lighting solutions for different industries including events safety and film.

Apart from the lighting equipments, the company also sells various lighting accessories including pole mount, mast bracket, ballast, and box casing among others.

In the development of their balloon light towers, Airstar has three principles that they believe sets them apart from other balloon light tower brands. These include:

  • Innovation
  • Ease of Use
  • Service

With these principles, the company has been able to penetrate various markets globally and sell its balloon light tower brand profitablely.

Yuang Light

Yuang light is a Taiwan, China based company that specializes in the manufacturing of portable LED lighting solutions which includes the balloon light tower. The Yuang Light company was launched in 2002 as an agent of Suiden to focus on the manufacturing of LED lighting solutions, spot coolers, and spot coolers. They boast a wide clientele in South East Asia, Japan, the Middle East, and Europe. Apart from balloon light towers, Yuan light also manufactures:

  • LED balloon light
  • Mobile lighting tower
  • Light Covers
  • Tripods
  • Trolleys

The company also engages in the customization of LED lighting solutions based on the customer’s interests and preferences. Some of the customizations involve RGB color adjustment, fog light switching, setting CCT, Dimming, and APP control among others. You can contact the company by visiting their website, wring an email, or contacting them via phone.


Moonglo balloon light towers is a U.S based company that engages in the manufacturing of lighting conversion systems. The company prides itself on 24 years of experience in the lighting manufacturing industry. It also speaks with confidence about the quality and precision through which their balloon light towers are made.

The company also serves clients in different states in America and also exports to other continents. Apart from Balloon Light tower, the company also sells spring mount adapters, partial balloon conversions, storage accessories, and hitch mount adapters among others.

Lightboy Co., Ltd

Lightboy Co., Ltd was founded in 1978 starting as a road construction company in Japan and later branched into a lighting solution provider from the mother company. The company is focused on the design and manufacturing of mobile flood lights under the brand name “Lightboy”.  In 2005, the company fully transformed full-scale and entered the U.S market. The aim was to capture the existing marketing gap in the floodlights sector that has gone so well in the Japanese market.

Since then, the company has done well to penetrate Europe, Asia, the Middle East, and even Oceania and has grown in stably.

Lightboy products are known for safe and reliable lighting on construction sites and for informing drivers at the same time. The brand has grown to be very powerful in Japan. Some of the famous balloon light tower brands under the Lightboy brand include:

  • Small trolley
  • Tripod/pentad
  • Handy
  • Standard trolley

The company is still growing and perfecting its balloon light tower brands. You can reach the company through the contacts on their website by writing an email, making a phone call, or visiting their outlets.


Powerbay Construction machinery (Tianjin) Ltd is a mobile lighting manufacturing company based in Dongli Tianjin. The company has consistently tried to achieve excellence and quality production of a variety of balloon lighting equipment including balloon light towers to compete with other international companies. The company has consistently built its balloon light tower brand in the international market.

The company adheres to various technological innovations, ideas, and international concepts. It employs research and development in ensuring that customer satisfaction is met. Some of the lighting products produced by Powerbaby include:

  • Trolley Light Tower
  • Floodlight Light Tower
  • Balloon Trailer Light Tower
  • Manual Trailer Light Tower
  • Balloon Light Tower
  • Trailer Light Tower
  • Hydraulic Trailer Light Tower


SeeDevil has been in the production of portable lighting equipment such as balloon light towers for many years to solve the problem experienced during emergencies. The company is driven by customer demand by constantly innovating to address the gap that exists in the tower lighting industry.

The company also makes stands and towers among other products. The SeeDevil balloon light tower products are built for affordability and durability to outstand other balloon light tower brands in the market.

Globug Lights

Globug Lights is involved in the manufacturing of light towers based on customer needs and for different sectors. Globug is a trusted lighting solutions provider that manufactures balloon light towers of different models. The main difference between the different models is the wattage and application. There are different models that come at different prices. You can consult with Globug lights to get a clear picture of what you may need to suit your needs.

Fuzhou Brighter Electrochemical Co., Ltd

Fuzhou Brighter is a well-established manufacturer of mobile balloon light towers and other mobile tower lighting solutions. Fuzhou Brighter invests in deep research and development for high-quality production capabilities on all its lighting products. The company’s production and supply of mobile light tower products are built on the principles of:

  • Integrity
  • Professionalism
  • Excellence
  • Innovation
  • Commitment

The different lighting solutions are supplied to areas of Australia and the Middle East. The products can be used in airports, film, emergency rescue, and construction among others.


The above Balloon Light Tower Brands are a sample of some of the top leading brands in the international market. I have tried to give you as much information to help you choose wisely. However, as a word of caution, you need to do your due diligence before you buy. As times change, companies evolve for the better but it also happens that a brand may go the other way and that is something I cannot guarantee you.

Moonlightia still remains to be the most trusted balloon light tower brand globally. Moonlightia balloon light tower brand is known for its high quality, sewing precision, waterproof, and affordability. The Moonlightia products can be bought by contacting the company through the contact us page on the website.

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