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Whatever your special event’ requirements, we can provide the perfect tailor-made solutions of Balloon Light Tower for you from LED 30W to 2880W!

No Middle Man, No Sky-High Price

Explore Our Balloon Light Tower Series

Our balloon light towers are synonymous with durability, elaborate design, and advanced craftsmanship. They are manufactured with the best components and technical solutions.

Mini Tripod Balloon Light

All-in-One Balloon Light

Pro Tripod Balloon Light

Pro Cart Balloon Light

RGB Tripod Balloon Light

Works Anywhere And Everywhere

LED Balloon Light Tower In Action

From large mobile light towers to smaller portable light systems, we have the perfect lighting for construction sites, law enforcement support, emergency lighting, road construction, Parties, special events, and more.

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night performance lighting moon lighting tower
outdoor night event lighting
outdoor night party lighting balloon lighting tower

Optional Accessories

The shape and dimension of our diffusers can be customized, as can the color and structure of our trolleys and tripods.

Telescoping Tripod Stand
Portable Case with wheels
Mobile Cart/Trolley
Power Supply Device

Who We Are

Expert in Balloon Lighting Systems

Our team consists of top technical engineers and manufacturing experts, and strive to supply top-quality LED balloon lights at more affordable prices. Over the past decade, we have successfully established partnerships with several well-known brands and delivered tens of thousands of lighting devices around the world.

If only the very best, brightest but glare-free and most durable professional lighting solutions will do, then Moonlightia should be your choice!

The world's leading expertin designing and manufacturing balloon lighting systems

From day one, we’re dedicate to developing and designing safer, more reliable, innovative and cost-effective glare-free lighting solutions for industry, law enforcement, emergency services and various special events

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Top 6 Reasons Why Partner With Us

Our Rich OEM/ODM Experience Will Get Your Brands High Profit TOO!

Quality Comparable to Top Brands

The reliable quality of our products will undoubtedly protect your business.

Factory Direct Pricing

Factory direct supply, no middleman markup, helping you to get real quality products at affordable prices

No MOQ Required

No MOQ limited and support for customized small orders, helping small business to grow!

OEM & ODM Service Supported

Our amazing Customized solutions help many start-up lighting companies to grow into competitive brands in their unique markets.

Binding Confidentiality Agreement

To protect your business rights, we will do everything we can to protect your intellectual property and creative designs

5-years Factory Warranty

We offer 5-year manufacturer' warranty and lifetime after-sales service for all models, and with 24/7 technical support service.

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