Carry on your back, the light that walks with you

All-in-One Series LED Balloon Light

This mobile balloon light is a compact, battery-powered portable LED balloon light, which is equipped with high-performance lithium batteries and fast-charging system, it can run fully independently, with no need for diesel generators. This balloon light is extremely energy-saving, very durable, and easy to carry or set up, it is designed for applications where lighting is essential and a fixed power supply is absent. Whether it’s a search-and-rescue operation, regular night maintenance or repair call-outs, your teams can have daylight-quality lighting wherever they go.

Extraordinary Technical Design

Main Features & Core Benefits

The search for quality has been our first concern for more than 12 years. Our goal has always been to study, design and develop solutions that are more reliable and more innovative than the others.

360° Glare-free Diffuse Lighting

The balloon lights cast natural, bright, daylight-quality light in a perfect 360-degree circle. It offers a softer, non-glare lighting solution.

Eliminate Generator

The battery powered system has merits like noise-free and exhaust gas-free, furthermore, and it's much safer than diesel which makes the work area more secure and the work environment more comfortable and reassuring

Compact Design

Lightweight and portable, with a versatile and compact design. Light up a huge area wherever you go – perfect for everything from regular maintenance to search-and-rescue operations.

High-Performance Batteries

Maintenance free high-powered LifeP04 lithium batteries provide long-lasting power with a high cycle life.No fuel emissions, bad smell, and engine noise to harm the environment.

Low Maintenance

Except for the basic daily electric quantity check and charging & discharging confirmation. Maintenance personnel doesn’t need specific technical skills, which saves engineering equipment managers much time and effort.

IP 65 Protection Standard

Our LED lights are more than just bright. They’re also durable, reliable, and capable of exceeding even the highest standards when it comes to the most demanding projects.

Ideal for Temporary Lighting

LED Balloon Light Tower In Action

No matter how remote an area is, each corner of the work area can be lit up with just one battery-powered light tower. It also brings the utmost security to the user.

We Supply Top-quality Balloon Light Tower at Factory Direct Pricing

Since 2011, we have specialized in designing and manufacturing various kinds of high-quality LED balloon light towers ranging covering 60W to 2400W, our experienced engineers and patented technology enable us to perform better on OEM & ODM services,  Please contact us for more information or a customized offer without obligations.

Technical Specification

Four Mobile lighting Solutions to Fit your Needs

Looking for High-quality Portable Balloon Lights? Look No Further! Our company is a leading supplier of portable balloon lights, offering a wide range of products to meet the unique requirements of our clients. Our lights are manufactured with the latest technology and high-quality materials, ensuring long-lasting performance and durability.

Model No :
Backpack DC 60/120w
Alll-in-one 60W
All-in-one 120W
All-in-one 240W
All-in-one 600W
Voltage :
DC 48V
DC 48V
DC 48V
DC 48V
AC 100-240 V
Frequency :
50/60 Hz
Lamp Type :
Power :
Lumen :
7,800 / 15,600 lm
7,200 lm
14,400 lm
28,800 lm
78,000 lm
Protection Grade :
IP 65
IP 54
IP 54
IP 54
IP 65
Light Fixture Lifespan :
50,000+ hrs
30,000+ hrs
30,000+ hrs
30,000+ hrs
50,000+ hrs
Color Temperature :
5000 K
Inflated Dimension :
450*380 mm
600*430 mm
650*400 mm
870*540 mm
Mast Material :
Aluminum alloy & stainless steel
Mast Sections :
2 Sections
4 Sections
Installing Method :
Trolley case
Tripod assembly
Lifting Type :
Manual Lifting
Max Height :
2,400 mm
4,850 mm
Packing Size(L*W*H) :
860*560*370 mm
1,500*500*392 mm
Quality Warranty Period :
5-year Warranty

Product Set Showcase

The shape and dimension of our diffusers can be customized, as can the color and structure of our trolleys and tripods.

2023 11
60W or 120W

What They Say About Us

What They Say About Us

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