Balloon light tower brands in France

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Top 10 Balloon light tower brands in France

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France has been one of the most popular countries in the world for balloon light towers since the french revolution, with a wide variety of brands available. The need for safe lighting in construction sites, outdoor events, and other areas has created a robust industry of balloon light towers in France.

This has prompted many lighting companies to invest heavily in France and create advanced balloon light towers to meet the needs of users. Other manufacturers outside of France have also taken notice and are now offering some of their own products to the French market. Here are the top 10 led balloon light tower brands in France:


airstar a 00165 redtech 1300 led, 1000 watts, 132,000 lumens, 110 230 – safewerks

Airstar is a French manufacturer of balloon light towers that has gained popularity for producing some of the most efficient and affordable lighting solutions. Airstar balloon lights are an innovative lighting solution that offers a range of benefits for users. Unlike hot air balloons, the light consists of an air-filled balloon with a powerful LED light source inside, creating a soft, diffused glare free light that can be used for a variety of applications.

Airstar balloon lights are highly versatile and can be used for a wide range of applications. They are ideal for outdoor events such as weddings, event lighting, concerts, and festivals, as well as indoor events such as trade shows, fire rescue lighting, exhibitions, road construction lighting, and product launches in places like Eiffel tower on the left bank of the River Seine.

They can also be used for film and TV production, construction sites, emergency response situations, etc. Airstar balloon lights are highly efficient, providing bright and consistent light while using minimal power. This makes them an ideal choice for events and projects where power sources may be limited or unreliable.

The LED lighting balloons are made from high-quality materials that are designed to withstand the rigors of outdoor use. They are resistant to wind, rain, and other adverse weather conditions, making them a reliable lighting option for any event or project. They are safe to use and are designed with a range of safety features, including a built-in pressure relief valve that prevents over-inflation, and an automatic shut-off switch that turns the light off if the balloon is punctured or damaged.


powermoon ledmoon 600 balloon light
powermoon ledmoon 600 balloon light

Powermoon is another reliable producer of portable balloon light tower for construction, rescue lighting, event lighting, etc. Their products are designed to meet the toughest safety requirements, and all models come with a 2-year warranty for peace of mind.

Their most common brand is the POWERMOON® LEDMOON® AC/120V light tower, which is UL certified and has adjustable lighting strength. They also offer wireless remote control for easy operation.

This tower light has a power output of 1000W and runs on a power source of 120V / 60Hz. When operating on AC/DC, it consumes 5A at 120V. It has an IP type of IP 54 and produces a light output of 125,000 Lumens. It weighs 32 lbs and the output language code is EN-US.

Ballon Lumineux


Balloon Lumineux specializes in mobile lighting solutions such as balloon lights and towers. They have a wide of products, including the Ball Lumineux Balloon Light Tower, which is lightweight and easy to assemble. This tower light has an output power of 1000W and runs on both AC/DC power sources.

It produces a total of 10,000 Lumens and has adjustable lighting strength, allowing users to adjust the light output depending on the needs of their project. It is also IP54-rated for protection against dust and water. It is made from lightweight materials that are designed to withstand a range of weather conditions and can be used for both indoor and outdoor events. The light tower also has a wireless remote control for easy operation.

Ballon Lamp Hungary

Another famous brand in France is the Ballon Lamp Hungary. Their balloon light towers provide a reliable and powerful lighting solution for outdoor events, construction sites, emergency response teams, and other applications. The Ballon Lamp Hungary light tower is highly efficient and runs on both AC/DC power sources. It has an adjustable light output and produces up to 5,000 Lumens of light.

It is designed with a range of safety features, such as an automatic shut-off switch and a built-in pressure relief valve. The light tower is also IP54-rated for protection against dust and water, making it a reliable lighting solution for any application. The fabric is neatly stitched ensuring no loose ends and the fabric is UV resistant, providing a long-lasting light that can withstand a range of weather conditions.

LUMIAIR Innovative Lighting Systems

lumoon balloon

LumiAir produces and offers a variety of lighting products for sale or rent, as well as creates custom lighting systems upon request. In addition to other products, LumiAir produces electronic devices that enhance safety and control for elevators and big industrial systems.

LAH 2000 is one of the flagship products by LumiAir. It is an 85cm diameter Lighting Balloon from LumiAir that inflates automatically. It has a 2000W halogen bulb and is powered by a single-phase 230V 16A plug. It can illuminate an area of around 2000m².

LumiAir lighting balloons are important lighting tools for working at night in various fields such as construction lighting, tunneling, road works lighting, defense lighting, rescue operations, and potentially explosive ATEX areas. The LumiAir lighting systems are capable of illuminating areas as large as 24,000 m² per unit. The light provided is uniform, 360°, glare free, without any drop shadow, and resistant to weather conditions.

MIMO Space Lighting

Mimo Space Lighting is a French manufacturer specializing in providing advanced and innovative lighting systems, such as the MIMO SPACE LED light tower. This tower light is designed to provide robust lighting solutions for a wide range of applications, such as construction sites and special events. The most notable feature of this lighting system is its adjustable light output, which allows users to adjust the brightness of the light according to their needs.

The models come with remote control and a total output of 125,000 Lumens. The LED is rated with an average life span of 50,000 hours and is among the market’s most energy efficient light towers.


MILUNAIR is a lighting company dedicated to film production. The company specializes in freestanding balloon light solutions. This makes it possible to illuminate large areas with a single light source, on a lake, a field, a forest, etc.

The balloon light allows 360° glare free lighting and the fabric of the envelopes allows diffusion over the entire filming area. The balloon lights are IP54-rated for protection against water, allowing them to be used in the most remote areas. For emergency situations, they are very quick to install and have a wide range of adjustable light output.

Prolutech France

will burt

Prolutech France is a leading manufacturer of lighting systems for industrial and architectural applications. They specialize in LED technology, producing high-performance lighting solutions that offer superior efficiency and energy savings.

Their most popular product is the SIROCCO 2S 7 350 LUMENS E27 LED, which is designed to provide efficient lighting solutions for construction sites, scene lighting, camping, event lighting, and more.

The main benefits of this LED light include its long life span, low energy consumption, and robust design. It is also IP54-rated for water and dust resistance, making it a reliable lighting solution for any application.

In addition to LED lights, Prolutech France also produces high-performance floodlights and wall washers. Their LED floodlights have high light output, wide beams, and durable construction. The washer is designed to offer consistent light distribution over large surfaces. Both products are available in a variety of wattages and beam angles, making them suitable for any type of industrial, commercial, or residential lighting application.

Novo Light

all in one dc120w 800px

Novo Light is a Spanish company specializing in precision engineering for the elevator industry. Their main products are industrial lighting systems and control systems that provide operators with a safe and efficient service.

Their lighting solutions include LED lights, fluorescent lamps, and HID (High Intensity Discharge) lights. The LED lighting system is designed to provide powerful and uniform illumination with low consumption of energy. It is also IP-rated for dust and water protection, making it suitable for use in a variety of environments.


Balloon light tower brands in France

For over 12 years, Moonlightia has been a worldwide leading manufacturer producing high-quality balloon light towers for the French market in Europe. Their products are designed with energy efficiency and affordability in mind, ensuring that they offer great value for money. They also have a range of models to suit most needs and budgets, making them a great choice for anyone looking for an efficient balloon light tower.

Moonlightia has maintained a first lead in the French market for balloon light towers, allowing them to offer some of the best products on the market like Paris. The main outstanding features of the Moonlightia balloon light towers are their effectiveness and durability. The balloon material is well stitched using top-grade equipment and materials, ensuring that the balloon light is waterproof and lasts for a long time.


Balloon light tower brands in France

France has many reliable and high-quality balloon light brands. Three of the top brands are Moonlightia, Solislighting, and Wanco. The Will-burt balloon light tower is known for its superior durability and versatility, while Solislighting offers a wide range of reliable balloon lights.

Moonlightia LED balloon lights provide a soft, even glow and are highly portable. Moonlightia, the worldwide leading manufacturer would be an excellent choice if you’re looking for a balloon light in France. Contact Moonlightia today so that they can assist you with your lighting needs.

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Balloon light tower brands in France
Balloon light tower brands in France

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