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How Do We Make our Balloon Light Tower Waterproof?

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A balloon light tower is a new portable lighting balloon containing a special and unique luminaire. This is mainly used for the provision of glare free light in the motion picture industry, incident management, nighttime construction, disaster relief, farming and agriculture, drilling road repair, and security needs such as police checkpoints among others. As you may realize, most of these activities are conducted in large areas outside.

This, therefore, bring the whole question of ”how helpful is the balloon light tower in extreme weather conditions such as rain, snow, etc”. You are not the first one to get stuck there. That is why I have prepared this very useful piece of information to take you through some of the unique and amazing techniques used by Moonlightia to bring you the best waterproof light tower for all you lighting needs, at all times and and can be installed or mounted anywhere. Some of the most important aspects that define the waterproof aspect of our balloon light tower include:


The diffuser is the most important part of the Balloon Light Tower. It is the one that comes into contact with almost everything that seeks penetration into the internal components of the Balloon Light Tower. How well the fabric is sewn determines how presentable the Balloon Light Tower will look and how protective it will be to the internal components.

It protects the internal components against common dust and water. The diffuser is also responsible for the diffused light and the glare free illumination experienced when using led balloon lights. It is one of the accessories that defines the whole LED balloon and can be deflated for easy transportation of the light fixture.

It goes without saying, therefore, that the material used for the diffuser must be waterproof, and the sewing of the same must be in a way that guarantees 100% water blockage. The shape of the balloon light tower is determined by the diffuser. The diffuser is sewn based on the desired shape intended for the balloon light tower and the location or event of use.

The shape can be determined by events or seasons such as Christmas and Halloween events. Any particular customization can be achieved depending on your taste and preference. One constant factor in all shapes and sizes is that the diffuser must be waterproof and water-repellant.

IP Rating of the components

The IP rating is an indication of an equipment’s resistance to dust and water. For example, the balloon light tower should have at least IP54. This means that the Balloon light tower is able to effectively block any splashes of water as well as rain.

At Moonlightia, we ensure that we manufacture the best balloon light towers in the market that guarantees safety. All the electrical components used in the assembly of our balloon light tower must have at least IP54. You can therefore purchase any of our products with confidence that there will be no electric circuit issues.

Our balloon light towers are also subjected to even more intense weather conditions tests like wind and rain. In such cases, the LED balloon lights should attain at least IP55. The internal components like PCB and the fan are all certified to meet IP65 standards which makes them safe from dust and water.

The waterproof nature of Moonlightia LED Balloon Lights is something we pride ourselves in, having undertaken extensive research and investment in a very experienced team of experts to ensure that all balloon light towers released to the market meet exceptional world-class standards.

Extensive Research on Quality Waterproof LED Balloon Light Fixture

At Moonlightia, we have invested greatly in research to find more solutions that can bring about high-quality waterproof light towers into the market. We have organized together some of the best brains in this Industry and together we are able to offer unique lighting solutions. In this respect, our team is constantly looking for more and more ways to make sure that the balloon light tower you purchase from us is waterproof. The same is proven through our trust in our products.

We guarantee you three years of great service by Moonlightia waterproof light tower. Within this period, you are allowed to contact us and find out what may be the issue with your product. If any manufacturing defect is detected, we will gladly accept the waterproof balloon light tower back and use it to study and avoid any such manufacturing defect in the future.

From our experience, the state of our waterproof balloon light tower has surpassed 5 years for almost 100% of our customers. This shows that the research and investment we put into ensuring that our balloon light tower is completely waterproof and water repellant actually pays off.

Proper Quality Inspection of the LED Balloon lights

When it comes to large-scale production of waterproof balloon light towers, a lot can go wrong and that is where the poor quality products find their way into the market. However, I must say that here at Moonlightia the story is different. We do not take risks or assume the quality is good, we have to conduct an in-depth and proper inspection of the quality of the balloon light tower that we are sending to our customers all over the world.

All the electrical components have been certified and awarded various certifications based on the markets we serve including Europe and USA. All our electrical components meet the CE certification standards and bear the CE symbol as a mark of conformity. Other international standards that our balloon light tower conforms to include:

  • ANSI (American National Standards Institute)
  • IEC (International Electrotechnical Commission)
  • ENEC (Europeannormselectric certification)
  • CCC (China Compulsory Certification)

For many years now, our reputation globally has been that of excellence in the production of quality light towers. We are constantly working to ensure we exceed the expectations of our customers by surpassing their expectations from us.


The use of waterproof balloon light towers has come to solve some of the most common problems encountered in different industries. Some of these industries like filmmaking require a portable and waterproof source of light that is well-balanced and soft enough to guarantee the safety of the eyes and avoid distraction.

This is a similar case for many other sectors. These are some of the issues that we at Moonlightia seek to solve with our highly experienced team of experts. We have worked tirelessly to bring you the most innovative, elegant, and the most affordable waterproof Balloon light tower to solve issues that are common with other lights. We welcome you to have a discussion with our team and find out what works for you.

We also offer customization services to ensure you get the exact waterproof balloon light tower tailor-made for your specific use. Contact us today and we will be happy to talk and discuss all these with you.

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