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Factors to Consider Before Purchasing Moonlightia Balloon Light Tower

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When looking to stock more efficient and cost-effective light towers for your business, there are many factors to consider before making a purchase. The Moonlightia Balloon Light Tower offers energy efficient lighting solutions and is one of the most popular choices on the market.

They not only guarantee good profit margins but also provide convenience for operators and users alike. Here are some factors to consider before purchasing a Moonlightia Balloon Light Tower to help your business grow:

Comparing our outstanding advantages with other brands

The surest way of ensuring you are making the best decision is to compare our product’s advantages with those offered by other brands. Our Moonlightia Balloon Light Tower is the ultimate lighting solution for any outdoor event or gathering.

Its unique design offers a greater coverage area and brighter light than most other light towers. It also offers an easy setup, adjustable height, and is highly durable. Some of the outstanding features include;

Ingress Protection (IP)

Moonlightia balloon light tower offers waterproof protection, making it suitable for use in different weather conditions. While our competitors manufacture their products with IP54 protection, our light tower provides IP65 protection which is the highest water resistance rating available.

This simply means that our product can stay outdoors without any damage from rain or dust. You will not have to worry about any safety concerns when using the Moonlightia balloon light tower.

Power Rating

The power rating is the amount of power that the light tower can consume. Moonlightia balloon light tower has a wide range of power ratings, ranging from 60W to 2000W, providing you with the flexibility to choose which one best suits your needs.

Moonlightia balloon light tower power ratings are evenly distributed to factor in the different sizes of lighting areas. This means that you have the flexibility to choose which model best suits your needs without worrying about over- or under-powering your light tower.

Heat Dissipation Performance

All our balloon light towers are properly regulated for heat dissipation. The heat sink is made of a one-piece molding aluminum alloy, and it is equipped with top-brand heat dissipation silicones and a large power but low-noisy heat dissipation fan blower.

This ensures that the heat is properly dissipated, and the life of the Moonlightia light tower is prolonged. It also ensures that the weight of the light tower does not exceed a certain limit and that the overall temperature of the lamps is more controllable.


Moonlightia balloon light tower offers you the flexibility to control the light tower in three different ways namely:

●     Manual

●     Remote control

●     Mobile Application

By default, the manual control method is available in all our models. Meanwhile, you can also opt for the remote control or app control options (optional). This flexibility allows you to adjust the lighting conditions to suit your requirements. This is the best feature you can get in the industry.

Factors Determining the Quality and Cost of the Balloon Light Tower

The cost and quality of a balloon light tower is determined by various factors. As a business person, you should be aware of these factors to ensure that you are getting the right product at a reasonable price.

The LEDs

The type of LEDs used and the wattage can have an impact on the cost and quality of the light tower. Higher wattage LEDs are usually more expensive and provide brighter illumination, but can also consume more power. Moonlightia balloon light tower uses top-brand Philips LEDs, delivering superior illumination and performance.

LED Driver

The LED driver is the power source for the LED light to function. It controls and regulates the power and current supplied to the LEDs, ensuring that they are properly maintained and have a longer service life.

It is important to ensure that the LED driver is of good quality as a poor quality driver can lead to reduced performance and shorter lifespan of the LEDs. Moonlightia light towers use premium quality UL certified and CSA approved LED drivers, ensuring that they are safe and have a longer service life.


The diffuser is an important element of the light tower as it ensures that the illumination is soft and does not cause any distractions. We use diffusers with flame retardant & waterproof coating in our light towers, making sure that they are safe and durable. You do not need to worry about the risk of fire due to high temperature caused by the long-term use of our light towers.


The fans used in the light tower are responsible for cooling the LEDs and keeping the temperature at an optimal level. The fans used in the Moonlightia balloon light tower are all branded, UL-certified, and designed to provide efficient cooling while consuming less power.


The switch is an essential element of the light tower as it helps to effectively control the power output. Moonlightia balloon light tower uses IP67 grade high current UL certified switches to ensure that the light towers meet the safe current demand.

Aviation plug

The aviation plug is an important component of the light tower as it helps to provide a power supply. At Moonlightia, we use IP65 & CE-certified plugs and sockets for our light towers, ensuring that the product is of superior quality. They are also glue-filled and waterproof to make sure that they are safe from water leaks.


The cable used in the light tower is another factor that affects its cost and performance. We use UL-certified cables for our light towers that are durable and have superior insulation, offering maximum safety and efficiency.

Our engineers ensure that the different power requirements of each balloon light tower are matched with the appropriate cable. We use 3-core wiring cables that also have surge protection, with each core having different colors making it easier to identify.

Protective mesh cover

A protective mesh cover is necessary to protect the LED source and power line, as well as to ensure that no loose wires are hanging out. Moonlightia light towers come with mesh covers that are not only aesthetically pleasing but also offer great protection.

Moonlightia protective mesh cover is made of 304-grade stainless steel, offering superior protection. They are much stronger, rust-resistant, and more durable than the standard mesh covers available in the market. Our standards for welding and polishing are much higher than other brands, ensuring that there are no visible grinding and welding marks.

Carry box

The carry box is an essential accessory of any light tower as it helps to transport the light tower safely and easily. Moonlightia balloon light towers come with a carry box that is made of high-quality steel and designed for easy transportation.

It also has a comfortable handle, allowing you to move the light tower around with ease. Its wheels are also designed to offer smooth movement, making sure that the light tower does not get damaged during transport.

In situations where it’s not possible to pull the carry box, you can easily lift it by hand and move it around. Inside the carry box, there are slots and pockets made of sponge that help to store all of the necessary accessories, making sure that they do not get damaged or misplaced.

This allows you to safely store and carry accessories such as cables, lamps, maintenance tools, manuals, etc. thus making the whole equipment completely portable and mobile for any event, large or small.

These are only some of the features that make the Moonlightia Balloon Light Tower a superior and reliable product for outdoor events. Our light towers are also built with safety in mind and come with a range of features to make sure that the user remains safe from fire or electric shocks.

We also offer custom-made solutions for those who need something a bit more specific for their event. So go ahead and check out our range of balloon light towers and get ready to light up the night with Moonlightia.

Major benefits of Moonlightia Balloon Light Towers

Apart from the other factors, it is important to pay attention to the many advantages that come with the Moonlightia Balloon Light Tower. These include:

Aging Test

All Moonlightia balloon light towers are required to undergo a 4-hour aging test before leaving the factory. This ensures that all our products are of superior quality and can provide long-term reliable lighting for outdoor events. The aging test includes tests for power, luminous efficiency, and temperature to ensure that all components of the light tower are working correctly.

Molding of components

The balloon light tower is made of various components. All these components are produced by molds which helps to ensure uniformity and easy replacement. The molding process involves the use of high-quality materials that make the components strong and durable.

Knowledgeable Engineering Team

At Moonlightia, we have heavily invested in our engineering team to make sure that they have deep knowledge and understanding of our various products. Our engineers are always on hand to help with customer queries or technical issues. In case you need a fully customized product, our team can propose a range of solutions for you to choose from.

Safety Features

The safety of our customers is always our top priority. We have made sure that our balloon light tower is built with safety features to ensure that users are protected from potential fire or electric shocks. We also provide necessary instructions and manuals that can help users understand the various safety features of our products.

Ability to match portable balloon light tower with their power supply

At Moonlightia, we have come up with a range of solutions to make sure that our customers have various choices when it comes to selecting different sizes and shapes of portable balloon light tower bases and their power supply.

The type of base determines the wattage of the lamp that can be used and offers various options for generators or battery power banks. If you need a more compact solution, we have a mini-series that is run by a 500-watt portable battery. For bigger and more powerful light towers, we offer air and above models that are powered by an industrial mobile battery. The main differences between the different models are the wattages and shapes of the bases.

We have also developed box-type and DC12V models that come with a built-in lithium battery to power the lamps. For even more flexibility, our mini models are compatible with an adapter cable that can be plugged into a car’s battery or even a cigarette lighter. This offers different clients with different needs different options to match the portable balloon light tower with their power supply.

Mostly, the mini models are preferred in situations such as civil scenarios while bigger models are better suited for large engineering, rescue, events, and relief purposes. To amplify the security of our light towers, we provide valuable extras such as sandbags and wind ropes.

Our goal is to make sure that your experience with our product is positive one, no matter what conditions you encounter. Additionally, all of our products have an IP65 level, which makes them water-resistant and perfect for outdoor use.


The decision on which portable balloon light tower to use can be difficult. There are very many factors that may influence the decision such as power source, wattage, and size of the base. But at Moonlightia, we have a wide range of products that can meet the needs of a variety of users. Our knowledgeable engineering team is also available to offer assistance or advice when needed.

We have invested heavily in qualified engineers to ensure that our customers get the best experience when they purchase our products. No matter the type and design of the balloon light tower, we provide the necessary accessories to ensure that its stability and security are up to the required standards. Buy our products with confidence and get the best experience. Reach out to us and we will be glad to help. Thank you!

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