balloon light tower brands in United Kingdom

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10 Best balloon light tower brands in United Kingdom

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The United Kingdom is home to some of the best balloon light tower brands in the world. Whether you need a portable light tower for small jobs or large, efficient, and powerful lighting towers suitable for industrial applications, UK-based manufacturers and distributors have you covered. Whether you’re looking for a new or light tower to lease, this list of the 10 best balloon light tower brands in the UK will help you make an informed decision.


airstar a 00165 redtech 1300 led, 1000 watts, 132,000 lumens, 110 230 – safewerks

Airstar is one of the leading providers of balloon light towers in the UK, manufacturing and renting out their products for a wide range of applications. Their range of lights is perfect for events, photography and film production, construction sites, or any other temporary lighting needs. They are also a specialist in balloon lighting for live performances such as concerts and plays.

Before buying or leasing, Airstar offers free product demonstrations so that you can see the lighting quality in person. You should also determine what type of power source will be best for your needs. Some of the most popular options include diesel generators, solar-powered systems, rechargeable batteries, and electric power.


Powerbaby Liteman is a China-based company that offers innovative balloon lighting solutions for a variety of applications. They manufacture and rent out both permanent and temporary lights, with each system designed to fit a specific purpose. Their lights are made from durable materials, providing reliable lighting in any environment.

Powerbaby offers multiple solutions, including those that can be powered by solar energy and batteries for added convenience. Their balloon light tower solutions come in a variety of sizes, from large to small. They are very safe producing less heat and no emissions. They come with a tripod stand, and a cart and can even be mounted on a truck. This makes them great for events, construction sites, and industrial applications.


The LIGHT BOY series is a mobile and lightweight balloon lighting system that provides superior luminance range, clarity, and glare-free lighting for work or event sites. It is an easy-to-use and durable solution that is efficient and photometrically near-perfect. This lighting system is suitable for various applications such as construction lighting projects, road maintenance lighting, commercial landscaping, rail possessions, and event lighting. Some of the superior features of lightboy include;

  • Fast set-up
  • Reliable performance in any weather condition
  • Easy to deploy design.
  • Light weight
  • Durable

The company is well known for its quality products, reliable customer service, and fast delivery. You can buy Lightboy Balloon Light Towers from most of the leading UK retailers or contact the company for more information.


outdoor night party lighting balloon lighting tower

Moonlightia has consistently stood out as one of the leading providers of balloon light towers in the UK. Their lights are perfect for large events, concerts, and other outdoor activities. They boast a variety of lighting solutions, ranging from large and powerful lights to more subtle and low-key models. All their products are designed with the user in mind, ensuring safety and easy installation.

Moonlightia balloon light towers are perfect for construction sites, large events, or industrial settings, providing the perfect lighting solution for any project. Their portfolio includes mast-mounted lights, portable lights, and even ones that are mounted on trailers, giving you the perfect solution for any application.

Skylite Balloons

Skylite Balloons are among the leading manufacturer and supplier of balloon light towers in the U.K. They offer a wide range of products, from professional-grade commercial lighting to residential lighting solutions, and all their products are designed with safety in mind.

The balloon’s larger light source makes it more visible than regular traditional lighting towers, creating a safer work environment for crews with optimal lighting solutions. No matter the type of application, Skylite Balloons offers a lighting solution that will meet your needs.

Their balloon-based lighting systems are ready for any condition and come with a variety of options. They offer 24/7 customer service, so you can get help whenever you need it. The company also offers a wide range of lighting accessories for its products, including a safety telescoping tripod stand, portable case with wheels, and cart or trolley.

Illumin8 Lights Ltd 

will burt

Illumin8 Lights Ltd is a top-notch provider of balloon light towers in the UK. These lighting towers are designed and manufactured with cutting-edge technologies to ensure maximum efficiency and uptime while being environmentally friendly. With Illumin8’s exclusive telemetry system, you can remotely monitor the performance of each light using your smartphone, laptop, or tablet.

Due to their advanced technology, these lights are highly reliable in any condition and can be used for various applications such as road works, event lighting, construction sites, and many more. No matter what part of the United Kingdom you are in, Illumin8 Lights Ltd is here to provide the most efficient and reliable balloon light towers.


Multiquip is also a top-notch manufacturer of balloon light towers in the UK. Their products are designed to meet the highest standards and provide reliable service even in harsh conditions. Multiquip is a reliable and proven company that manufactures and supplies high-quality industrial products and solutions. They are committed to providing exceptional customer service and investing in maintaining their products’ quality and reliability. The company is positioned for steady, long-term growth.

These lighting towers are very efficient and require minimal maintenance, so you can be sure that they will last for years to come. These towers are also very versatile, allowing you to use them for a variety of applications such as event lighting, construction sites, road works, and more. They are also very cost-effective and can save you a lot of money in the long run. No matter what your lighting needs are, these balloon light towers from Multiquip will meet them.

Multiquip also offers a wide variety of lighting accessories such as the Telescoping Tripod Stand, a portable case with wheels, and a cart or trolley. Their products are designed for maximum efficiency and reliability, so you can be sure that they will meet your needs. From professional-grade commercial lighting to residential lighting solutions, these balloon light towers are sure to meet any of your requirements. With their quality and reliability, you can be sure that these lights will last for years.

Ching Yuang

lumoon balloon

Ching-Yuang is another great supplier of balloon light towers in the UK. Ching-Yuang LED. Its led light tower is made up of LED Panel Lights that are surrounded by a nylon cover in the shape of a balloon. When the light is switched on and the cooling fans start working, the cover inflates to its unique shape.

The covers are made of translucent coated nylon which creates a glare-free lighting source. This lighting is beneficial for both work sites and leisure activities, as it helps to improve safety and comfort.

LED Panel Lights have a longer lifespan and use less power compared to traditional lights used for similar purposes. The balloon lights are lightweight, compact, and can be mounted on tripods or trolleys. They are also easy to transport and store.

Part of Ching-Yuang’s commitment to quality is the development of a range of accessories for their lighting towers. These include tripods and trolleys, as well as dimmer switches and remote control systems so you can easily adjust the brightness or switch off lights when they are not in use. They also provide a free 5-year warranty on their products.

Prism Lighting Services

Since its establishment in 2003, Prism Lighting Services has been one of the leading worldwide leading manufacturer and supplier of balloon light towers in the UK. Their led lighting balloons are built with high quality materials and advanced technologies, ensuring the highest standards of reliability. Prism Lighting Services has been working to create innovative lighting solutions for a wide range of applications in all types of locations.

Their products include prism inflatable lights, prism balloon lights, and prism flood lights. The led balloon light towers come with a durable metal frame as the vertical mast, adjustable height and angle, and a strong nylon balloon cover that provides glare free light at your intended place and surrounding area. The towers are very efficient, require minimal maintenance, and can be used in any environment.

They are also cost-effective and can save you money in the long run. Prism Lighting Services also offers a wide range of accessories such as tripods, trolleys, and dimmers. With their commitment to customer satisfaction, dedicated team for support, and quality products, you can be sure that your lighting needs will be met.


balloon light tower brands in United Kingdom

Trime UK Ltd is a leading supplier of balloon light towers in the UK. Their products are highly efficient, reliable and offer superior performance. They are designed for both indoor and outdoor use and are perfect for construction sites, road works, event lighting, and more. The LED balloon lights are made with a strong aluminum frame and an inflatable cover, creating a glare-free lighting source.

The height of the towers can be adjusted up to 6 meters and the adjustable angle enables you to easily light up any area. LED lights have a long lifespan and consume less energy than traditional lighting. If you need to transport the towers, Trime UK also offers a wide range of trolleys and tripods for easy mobility. Trime UK is also committed to providing a comprehensive 5-year warranty on their products for guaranteed durability.


balloon light tower brands in United Kingdom

The need for quality and effective balloon light tower brands in the United Kingdom is growing. There are many different suppliers on the market today so it’s important to do your research and find one that meets your needs be it fire rescue lighting, scene lighting, event lighting, or road construction lighting among others.

The companies mentioned in this article have a long history of providing quality products, excellent customer service, and reliable warranties. No matter which supplier you choose, you can rest assured that you will be getting the best lighting towers for your needs.

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balloon light tower brands in United Kingdom
balloon light tower brands in United Kingdom

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