balloon light tower brands in Canada

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10 best balloon light tower brands in Canada

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In Canada, balloon light towers are becoming increasingly popular due to their portability, convenience and energy efficiency. They offer a great way to light up construction sites, mines, festivals, and other large open areas. There are many brands of balloon light towers on the Canadian market, so it can be difficult to choose the right one for your needs.

To help you make an informed decision, we’ve put together a list of the 10 best balloon light tower brands in Canada. These brands have established themselves as leaders in the industry and offer a variety of options to suit any budget.


airstar a 00165 redtech 1300 led, 1000 watts, 132,000 lumens, 110 230 – safewerks

Airstar is one of the leading manufacturers of balloon light towers in France. They specialize in high quality, energy efficient designs that are easy to set up and transport. Their products come in a variety of sizes and features, making them suitable for any size event or construction site.

The most popular led lighting balloons are event lighting, safety lighting, construction lighting, fire rescue lighting, scene lighting, etc. There are many balloon light towers to choose from, so you’re sure to find one that suits your needs. Airstar also offers a wide range of accessories, including extension cables, carry bags, and light stakes. This makes their lights even more versatile. The company focuses on safety, durability, and providing excellent customer service.


Another popular brand of balloon light towers in Canada is Lightboy. Their products are made from high-quality materials and offer excellent lighting performance. The company offers a variety of sizes and features, so you can find the perfect balloon light for your needs. They also have an extensive range of accessories to choose from, such as extension cords, carry bags, and light stakes. Lightboy is known for its long-lasting durability and energy efficiency.

The balloon lights come with safety features to ensure the safety of your staff and equipment. These include overload and overvoltage protection. This ensures that their products won’t be damaged by prolonged use. The led balloon lights also come with a warranty and excellent customer service to ensure that you get the most out of your purchase.


powermoon ledmoon 600 balloon light

The other popular brand of balloon light towers in Canada is PowerBaby. Their products are designed to provide the highest level of performance and efficiency, while still remaining affordable. They offer a wide range of sizes and features, so you can find the perfect light for your needs. There are options for both indoor and outdoor use, as well as portable models for easy transport.

Powerbaby offers lighting solutions to event planners, camping enthusiasts, construction sites, and more. The company focuses on providing customer satisfaction, so you can be sure that your purchase is backed by excellent customer service. No matter where you are in Canada, you can count on Powerbaby to provide you with high-quality, reliable balloon light towers.


Wanco is an internationally recognized and certified manufacturer of balloon light towers. They are known for their reliable and efficient designs that offer excellent performance. Wanco specializes in portable, energy-efficient models that can be set up and transported quickly. Their products come with a variety of features, such as LED technology, overload protection, and robust construction materials.

The lights are also designed to be waterproof and dustproof, so they can withstand any weather conditions. The company focuses on providing customer satisfaction, so you can be sure that your purchase is backed by excellent customer service. If you need reliable balloon light towers, Wanco is the brand to trust.

Apart from the balloon light towers, Wanco also manufactures normal light towers which are suitable for outdoor events, road construction lighting, and construction job site lighting. The compact light towers offer unique features for their size, such as the tallest mast, largest fuel tank, and longest possible run time. Additionally, they have a small footprint.


balloon light tower brands in Canada

Powermoon is a renowned manufacturer specializing in balloon lights, which are portable lighting solutions designed for various applications. Powermoon incorporates cutting-edge technology into its balloon lights. Their products often feature high-intensity LED lights with exceptional brightness and energy efficiency. The company continually strives to develop and refine its technology, ensuring that its balloon lights offer optimal performance and reliability.

Powermoon also offers a diverse range of balloon lights suitable for various industries and applications. Whether it’s lighting up construction sites, emergency scenes, events, or outdoor activities, their products can be adapted to different environments and requirements. The lights are lightweight, easy to set up, and portable, making them highly versatile and convenient to use.


Multiquip is a well-known worldwide leading manufacturer in the construction industry, specializing in various types of equipment including balloon light towers. They have established a strong reputation for their high-quality products and innovative solutions.

Balloon light towers from Multiquip often come with adjustable lighting options. They may have telescopic masts that can be extended or rotated to achieve the desired light coverage. Some models offer variable brightness levels or adjustable light angles, allowing users to customize the lighting according to their specific needs.

Multiquip emphasizes fuel efficiency in their balloon light towers. Many models are equipped with efficient engines or utilize energy-saving technologies to minimize fuel consumption and reduce emissions. This focus on eco-friendly features helps promote sustainable practices and reduces the environmental impact of construction operations.


balloon light tower brands in Canada

Moonlightia is another leading manufacturer of balloon light towers. Their products are designed for various applications such as outdoor sporting events, construction sites, and emergency situations. Moonlightia uses advanced technology and innovative designs to maximize efficiency and performance.

Moonlightia’s balloon light towers are constructed with quality materials for superior durability. They are also engineered to be lightweight and compact, making them easy to transport and set up. The lights come with adjustable features such as dimmer switches and adjustable angles, allowing users to customize the lighting according to their needs.

Moonlightia balloon light towers provide excellent illumination for worksites. They typically feature high-intensity bulbs or LED lights that produce bright, uniform light across a wide area. This helps enhance visibility and improves safety during nighttime or low-light situations.

The led balloon light towers are designed with ease of use and portability in mind. They are often equipped with telescopic masts or collapsible structures, allowing for quick and hassle-free setup. The compact and lightweight design enables easy transportation, making them suitable for mobile applications and rapid deployment.


SeeDevil focuses on providing reliable and innovative lighting solutions for a wide range of applications. They specialize in LED balloon lights that are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

SeeDevil balloon light towers are versatile in their applications. They can be used in a wide range of industries, including construction lighting, roadworks lighting, emergency response lighting, events lighting, and more. The adaptability of these light towers makes them a practical choice for various projects and situations.

The balloon lights from SeeDevil are characterized by their superior illumination and energy efficiency. Their LED bulbs produce intense and uniform lighting while consuming much less energy compared to other lighting solutions. This helps reduce overall operating costs and promotes sustainability.

The lights are also designed for easy deployment and portability. They are often equipped with compact and lightweight housings that can be quickly set up or taken down. This makes them ideal for rapid deployment and mobile applications.


balloon light tower brands in Canada

In Canada, DMI is a popular choice for balloon light towers. DMI LED balloon light towers are innovative lighting solutions designed for various applications. These light towers consist of a large balloon-shaped structure made of high-quality fabric that is inflated using a built-in fan. The fabric is typically translucent or transparent, allowing light to pass through and illuminate the surroundings at night.

LED technology is used to provide bright and efficient lighting within the balloon structure. LED lights offer several advantages over traditional lighting options, such as high energy efficiency, longer lifespan, and superior brightness.

They also generate less heat, making them safer to use. The balloon light towers are often mounted on telescopic poles or frames, allowing for height adjustment based on the specific lighting requirements. They can be easily transported and set up at different locations, making them suitable for a wide range of applications.

Ching Yuang

Ching Yuang is another well-known provider of balloon light towers in Canada. Their products are designed for reliability and performance, providing excellent illumination for either indoor or outdoor projects. The lights are highly efficient, allowing users to save on energy while still enjoying bright and uniform lighting.

Here are some key features and benefits of Ching Yuang balloon light towers:

Portability: These light towers are designed to be mobile, allowing them to be easily transported to different locations. They are often compact and lightweight, enabling quick setup and dismantling.

Illumination: The translucent or transparent balloon material helps distribute the light evenly, creating a diffused and shadow-free illumination. This makes them ideal for providing bright and uniform lighting over a large area.

Energy Efficiency: LED lights used in DMI balloon light towers consume less energy (power) compared to traditional lighting technologies. This energy efficiency translates into reduced operating costs and lower environmental impact.

Versatility: These light towers are versatile and can be used in various applications. They are commonly employed in construction sites, outdoor events, emergency situations, maintenance work, film productions, and other situations where temporary lighting is required.

Durability: DMI balloon light towers are built to withstand challenging environments. The balloon material is often made of durable and weather-resistant fabric, allowing them to perform reliably in outdoor conditions.


balloon light tower brands in Canada

From the above discussion, it is clear that balloon light towers from Moonlightia, SeeDevil, and Ching Yuang are a great choice for various applications. They provide superior illumination via LED technology while consuming less energy. Additionally, they are lightweight and portable, allowing them to be quickly set up or taken down.

All these features help reduce overall operating costs and promote sustainability. Ultimately, these light towers are an excellent choice for anyone looking to provide bright and efficient lighting in challenging environments. Visiting the website or the contact page of the above companies to order your balloon light in Canada.

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balloon light tower brands in Canada
balloon light tower brands in Canada

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