Create Unforgettable Atmospheres, Make Your Event Shine

Light up your events like never before

Make your every event into extraordinary experiences that guests will remember with our LED Balloon Lighting Solution! Designed for versatility, energy efficiency, and ease of use, our lights help you create magical moments.

Still Lighting Your Events the Old Way?

It's time for change! Don't let your event be just another gathering.

Transform your event from ordinary to extraordinary with our innovative stylish lighting solution. Effortlessly set the perfect mood, captivate your guests, and leave a lasting impression


Brighten up Your Night with the Magic of Color and Light

Whether you’re planning a lively party or an elegant soiree, our lights adapt to your vision, creating unforgettable moments.

Effortlessly switch colors, adjust brightness at the touch of a button, and create a kaleidoscope of colors and effects to match your every mood and theme.

Experience the magic of versatility and make your event truly shine!

Radiate Brilliance, Save Energy—Unleash the Power of Smart Lighting!

Your event deserves to shine, and so does our planet. That’s where our LED Balloon Light come in. They’re designed to light up every corner of your event, making sure nothing is missed.

But the real magic? They’re energy efficient, saving you money while also helping the environment. It’s all about creating amazing experiences without wasting energy.

With our LED Lighting Balloon, let’s make your event and our planet brighter, together!


Effortless Lighting: Setting the Stage Has Never Been Easier!

Set the stage for unforgettable moments with our LED Balloon Light Tower. This user-friendly lighting solution is designed to be assembled and disassembled in a snap, letting you focus on what truly matters – the event itself. Its lightweight design makes transportation a breeze, ensuring seamless transitions between venues or event spaces. 

Embrace this blend of convenience, mobility, and vibrancy, let our LED Balloon Light be the beacon of your event’s success!

Extraordinary Technical Design

Main Features and Benefits

Our balloon light towers are manufactured with the best components and technical solutions, it is synonymous with durability, elaborate design and advanced craftsmanship.  

Superior lighting properties

The unique design of our LED Balloon Lights provide 360-degree, glare-free illumination, the color consistency is near perfect, with better color rendering!

RGBW Smart Control

Thanks to the advanced LED technology and Bluetooth smart control, this unique colorful portable balloon light is easy to change colors just by APP on your smartphone.

Heavy Duty Tripod Stand

Open the tripod, put the balloon on the top of the tripod, adjust the size of the stand and plug it, your installation is ready in 5 minutes.

Up to 50,000 hours of service life

The led light system is made of specially designed molding parts, and has been tried and tested globally under the harshest of conditions and performed flawlessly.

Inflates with A Single Switch

Equipped by advanced LED technology and thoughtful circuit design, the balloon construction light can be inflated by a single built-in switch within seconds, no air pressure or gas is involved.

IP54 Moisture-proof & waterproof grade

Waterproof lighting device, it can be used in case of rain, hot temperature and outside with sun.

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