Upgrade Your Construction Site Lighting with Balloon Light Towers

Say goodbye to traditional light towers and embrace the future

Enhance your construction site’s safety and productivity, enjoy powerful illumination, energy savings and reduced noise for unparalleled construction experience!

No Sky-high Prices & Factory Direct Sales
Passed CE, UL, SAA & IP65 Quality Standard
No MOQ Required & Trial Orders Available
Unparalleled 5-year Factory Warranty

Revolutionize Your Construction Lighting

Redefine Night Construction Lighting

Enjoy unmatched brightness, energy savings, and effortless setup to create a safer, more efficient work environment

Clear Vision, Safer Construction

Say goodbye to the dangerous glare and shadows created by traditional light towers, improving visibility and safety for both workers and drivers

Embrace Green & Efficient Lighting

It consumes less power than traditional metal halide lights, resulting in lower energy costs and a reduced environmental impact.

Quietly Powerful Lighting

Minimize noise pollution and foster a comfortable, productive work environment and reduce disturbance to surrounding areas.

Adaptive Lighting

Enjoy unmatched lighting precision and coverage with our adjustable light towers, setting a new standard in construction site lighting

Weather Resistant Lighting

It can withstand various harsh weather conditions at construction sites, and deliver consistent lighting performance.

Swift Setup, Effortless Mobility

Improve your workflow with our ultra-portable and user-friendly light towers, taking on-site relocation and setup to new heights of ease.

The Innovative, Eco-Friendly Alternative to Gasoline/diesel Lighting Towers

Explore Our Balloon Light Tower Series

With many sizes and powers available, Balloon lighting towers are the safest mobile lighting solution for all work zone applications!

Improve Your Night Construction Experience

Light Up Your Construction Site with Next-Generation Balloon Lighting

360° Diffused Lighting

Light up your construction sites with glare-free, shadow-reduced lighting , enhancing visibility and safety in every corner of the work area

Reduce Noise and Emissions

Opt for a quiet & eco-friendly lighting solution that doesn't pollute the air or disturb the surroundings, making it ideal for noise-sensitive areas.

Flexible Positioning Options

It offers adjustable height and location options to suit the unique requirements of each project.

Portable Design

Designed for quick setup, and effortless storage, providing convenience and adaptability for various work zones

Improve Energy Efficiency

Embrace LED technology that consumes less power while providing superior lighting, saving your energy costs.

IP65 Protection Grade

Durable construction designed to withstand various weather conditions, ensuring reliable performance and durability

Moonlightia Lighting-up-Tunnel

Experience Unmatched Construction Lighting

Better Lighting Means More Efficient Work Zones

Illuminate Your Construction Site Efficiently with Our Innovative Balloon Construction Light


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Lifetime after-sales service for all models, and with 24/7 technical support service.

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