Glare free light in a 360° radius and the most innovative solutions for any industry

LED lighting balloons for scene lighting, road construction lighting, fire rescue lighting and event

manufacturer of LED lighting balloons for road construction lighting, scene lighting, and event lighting

 LED balloon light designed for greater, 360 degree lighting at night. No more spotlights, no more hidden hazards

Multi-functional – the lights can be used as standalones, stand-mounted units, suspended units, vehicle mounted or with existing lighting towers.

Safety – Glare-free lighting causes less strain on the eyes and provides a non-dazzling environment for both site-workers and other road-users

Portability – compact and lightweight the lights are extremely easy to erect, move and pack down.

powermoon lights


Portable work lights. Outstanding quality. Glare free work lights,led balloon lights construction,jobsite balloon light,inflatable work light,crime scene lighting,

360-Degree Jobsite Lights,Outstanding quality

‎Event Lighting。 ‎Safety Lighting

With only 320 watts, it provides more than 45000 lumens of light!

It is the ideal safety lighting or balloon lighting with LED。Available on a stand for road construction, railways, earth moving, underground engineering, tunnel construction, etc. The balloon lighting combines high light output with low consumption

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